Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Question of the Day #378

A friend of mine is planning a surprise for another friend who I'm pretty sure is not a big fan of surprises. Now, I don't know for sure. Maybe he'll like it. But he's one of those people who doesn't like to draw attention to himself.

My friend, B, doesn't like to draw attention to herself either. No loud "Happy Birthday" singing or cakes with candles in public. She's glad to celebrate her fabulousness - just quietly.

I, on the other hand, enjoy a good party. The planning, cooking and set-up is art to me. Which is maybe why no one has ever tried to surprise me. But I think I'd like a surprise. I've swooned over surprise flowers. I've instantaneously dashed off upon hearing suggestions for surprise getaways. I think a suprise party would be a good surprise.

How do you feel about surprises?



  1. Yay!! A question with a B in it... as for my answer, see above.

    Although I DO LOVE a good party, just not one where I'm the centerpiece. :)

  2. I love planning parties too! No surprise here I guess. As we speak I am planning an Italian feast for friends Saturday night, decor and all.( oh,I forgot the music!!) I love it all! I enjoy every inch of the planning and of course the event. I don't mind being surprised though either :)

  3. I have a love/hate thing with attention. But a party? Bring it! I've been lucky enough to be surprised a couple of times and it's always a thrill.

    Really no Suzie surprise parties? What?! Hmmmm....

  4. I love surprises!!! I love being surprised, I love surprising others!! Oh it's so much fun!!! Then again I love being the center of attention... sorry to say it.

  5. I also have mixed feelings about them. On one hand, I feel very self conscious being the center of attention, but at the same time it's really sweet to feel loved and surprised.

    Overall, I say thumbs up. Embrace the love!

  6. Surprises are nice! I wouldn't mind getting them once in a way, especially when it's least expected. However, i'm not an attention seeker. Low key celebrations are just great and meaningful.

  7. It depends on the surprise. Smaller, intimate ones are fine with close friends and family. Larger ones are a bit too much and I don't like being the centre of attention. I respect that the thought is a lovely one, but it just makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it centres around me not physically being prepared. I always know those closest to me are sincere and forgiving if I'm having a bad hair day, wearing droopy pants, or have a growth on my face. :D

    I love throwing surprise parties in the same respect - for those I am closest to, and not in an overwhelmingly large way.

  8. Don't like them. But I think we surprised you a couple of times in Hollywood...Not your birthday however.

  9. I love surprises! As long as they're good, I mean...


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