Friday, November 6, 2009

Question of the Day #366

After my shift last night, H and I settled in at our table and began discussing The Question of the Day. SJB plopped down next to me.

I turned to him and said, "I write a question every day and..."

"I know about your questions. I read 'em," SJB said, looking at me like I was a little cRaZy.

"Oh, okay. So do you have any interesting ones?" I asked.

Clearly, someone had injected genius in their barley and hops, because the two of them started firing off questions like they'd been dying to tell me about them for weeks.

So this morning, when I woke up, albeit a wee bit late, I pulled register feed a pub booth long out of my purse. It's scrawling with questions.

Yay for H and SJB!

Anyway, maybe I'm a sucker for nostalgia, because the one that got me last night was "What sounds remind you of your childhood?"

"My mom used to ring a cow bell to get my brother and me home for dinner. We'd be out playing tag or whatever in somebody else's yard. But when that bell rang, we knew we were supposed to get our butts home," I said.

"In our house in Ohio, I remember going to sleep at night and hearing a train whistle blow in the distance and crickets chirping outside my window," said H.

"When I hear train whistles, I flash back to my childhood. I could hear one roll by my house too," said SJB.

So, from my long list of questions to come, let's begin with our childhoods. What sounds remind you of your childhood?



  1. Honestly, the sound of my mom's high pitched voice as she yells out my name from downstairs. She is a loving woman, the best, but when she wanted your attention she just belted out your name at the top of her lungs. A grating sound, and I remember it fondly. :)

  2. That is a great question!
    The sound of the squeaking sneakers and bouncing of a basketball on a gym floor reminds me of my childhood. My dad was a hs basketball coach and we went to lots and lots of games!

  3. Here's a weird one: Chain saws. When I grew up back east, the fall was always full of the sound of saws as people cut up downed trees and put up firewood for winter. Whenever I hear one, I remember childhood in the fall.

  4. I was going to censor my answer because I didn't want to sound like a self-pitying fool but decided to go with my first thought. The sound that I recall most clearly is the humming of the fan above the stove (to suck up the wafting cigarette smoke) and the hushed rumbling of the ever so frequent parental battle.
    wah wah (uh, that's supposed to be the Debbie Downer sound)

  5. Lisa D - That's not self pity, it's reality. Unfortunately.

  6. The train running from Boston to NH. (Well, Lowell, Nashua, NH) In the snow, anytime of day or night. It used to shake our beds as we were about 1/8 of a mile away.

  7. Well, music is a sound, right? For me, certain groups or people remind me of my childhood. My mom played Elvis all the time, my brother blasted Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin from his car stereo out in the driveway, and my sister always had the Beatles playing. Kind of odd how I grew up being the Who fan in the family, huh?

    Also, the sound of a rushing creek reminds me of my childhood because we had one right behind our house and it used to get going good when it rained.

  8. Orange soda - I use to order it every time we went out for dim sum

  9. My mom saying, "La amore de la casa" or "Mi hija querida"
    Never want to lose her voice.

  10. I loved hearing the snowplow go past our house during the night. It made being in bed even cosier during the cold winter nights.


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