Saturday, November 28, 2009

Question of the Day #388

This morning, B and I went to a farmers' market and bought gorgeous local brussel sprouts, grapes, cherry tomatoes and beets. No pesticides were used in their farming and they were less expensive than supermarket prices.

I love farmers' markets, but I rarely go. Somehow making it to the market on the right day at the right time is always way harder than getting to my neighborhood grocery store. So I end up taking the easy route.

How accessible are farmers' markets to you? And do you take advantage of them?



  1. I can go to one every Saturday morning, but I am not steady. I do love to be outdoors, strolling and discovering new items. Sometimes, I happen on farmer's markets in other towns when I'm there and always check them out. Some of my favorite finds: grapefruit blossom honey, dark chocolate from South America and white peaches in season.

  2. Hmmm! Let me think about this! In VT the farmers' markets are a little bit different. BUT I do have to say I still have my own brussel sprouts and they are delish!! We have not had a real touch of winter yet. Although I really hope it comes soon. WE NEED SNOW!
    I really don't take advantage of too many farmers markets because I have enough just to harvest my own veggies!! But it always is fun to wander and to try new local cheeses, etc and pickled "stuff", too!
    Some of our summer markets have entertainment and you can really make a day of it:)

  3. I totally take advantage every Saturday morning that I can -- especially during spring when some of the hothouse produce comes out. Also an excellent source for local maple syrup, honey, plants, sustainable meat products, and live entertainment. Best little farmer's market for miles around.

  4. Pretty accessible from May to Sept, but I never go. I always think that I should go, so maybe next spring will be the kick off for me.

  5. We have a tiny one here in our town and a bigger one in Kalispell, but I've only been to it once. I should go more often.

  6. I guess there still is a great one at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, if you ever get a chance to go. No, I never go to them. No time.

  7. On Saturdays, I work at our local farmers market. Ours is rated as the 5th best market in the country. So I would say very accesable.


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