Friday, November 14, 2008

Question of the Day #9

My friend, Beck, does a happy dance in the middle of her office every Friday. She's broken out the Sprinkler, the always popular Moonwalk, and a vertical version of the Worm. (I think I need a pic of that one!) She has also attempted the Cabbage Patch, but admits that some dances are better left to people with more rhythm.

Anyway, the whole point of the Friday dance ritual is to feel the "happy."

My version of a happy Friday ritual might just be plain and simply, happy hour.

What about you? What are your Friday rituals?

PS - Beck reports that today's dance is The Hustle.


  1. My Friday ritual has now become grabbing on to my boyfriend's arm in bed in the morning yelling "noooooooo"...Friday is my worst day of the week - I work a double and being in the office all day followed by waitressing at night sorry but it just plain sucks. No TGIF here.
    Love to all - can't wait for Saturday! Love Debbie Downer

  2. I would like to see how a vertical worm would work as well. :)
    By Friday I'm worn out, so I just have some red wine and try to cook something fun. Maybe I'll start dancing, too.

  3. Every other Friday is wonderful - since I'm off work. Supposed to be today, but I'm in training, so now I'm off on Monday.

    I get to relax, do whatever chores I choose, meet up with friends and WRITE! (since I can't seem to find to write any other day)

    My editor (hah!) is moving to another imprint in the same house. What do I do now? Hope the new imprint is looking for what I'm writing.

  4. Yikes. I guess you'll have to ask the editor if she's sticking to the same genres. Let me know how it turns out. Now stop blogging and write! ; )

  5. Hmmm! The vertical worm puts a tear in my eye ; )
    Oh Beck, what a great mental image! Well here's one especially for you. I was making butternut squash soup just about all day! I had 60's music on high and was caught doing the swim and assorted other ridiculous sixties dances, but it sure got me through my cooking and the cleanup!!

  6. The sweetest part of Friday is that I get to set my alarm for 8:00 instead of 5:00.

  7. Friday is my day to be uber comfy at work. I also allow myself to eat whatever I want on Friday, and have as many cups of coffee as I want.

  8. Okay, you MUST snap a pic of Beck doing the worm!!
    Friday's call for takeout night from my favorite Chinese food hotspot,a bottle of red wine and lots of art (once the kids are in bed:)

  9. Friday is our family movie night. My brother comes over, my husband is home early from work, we all have dinner together and the kids pick a movie. Friday is for family in our house. And now that soccer season is over, we can stay up late and sleep in Saturday mornings -- yay!

  10. Does a nap count? Because truly, by Friday, I need a nap like nobody's business.

  11. At my office, one person is assigned each week to bring in breakfast for everyone on Friday morning. Some people just bring in a stack of boxes from Dunkin Donuts, but others have gone all out and brought in waffle irons to make fresh hot waffles with all the toppings, or chafing dishes full of traditional British fry up goodies. Either way, it's great to come in to work on Friday knowing there will be free food (my favorite thing!).


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