Saturday, November 29, 2008

Question of the Day #24

Florida fun continues! The Space Shuttle is scheduled to land here tomorrow. (Unless the predicted thunderstorms roll in. Then it will detour to New Mexico.) So we've decided to head out to the Kennedy Space Center to witness the landing. I think it's a once-in-a-lifer.

What once in a lifetime events have you been fortunate enough to enjoy?



  1. Sheesh, I can't seem to think of anything positive. Everything that comes to mind is more along the lines of a disaster. The L.A. riots, the Northridge earthquake.... Wait, Obama winning the presidency! That was pretty amazing but I'll think of something else uplifting as well and get back to ya.

  2. I was thinking the same thing as suda, above: all negative.

    1. The L.A. riots,

    2. Being evacuated from our house last year, during the San Diego wildfires, and

    3. My first quarter at UCLA, one of my TAs went crazy and tried to shoot a bunch of people from his apartment.

    Good things? My marriage, kids, and finishing that first novel-length ms (because the first had way more of a rush attached to it than the second, third, fourth, and fifth).

  3. Looking over NYC and surrounding area from the top of the World Trade Center. Despite the horrific downfall of the towers, I remember my time on top as a magnificent experience - one that I will never forget, and am fortunate to have had.

  4. Yay Sudabaki for coming up with Obama!

    Ara, yikes - scary examples of once in a lifers. But finishing the novel rocks!

    And Simply V, I too, have had the priviledge of standing on top of the World Trade Center. I also feel fortunate to have had that experience and even more fortunate that our family members came home that day.

  5. Interesting, how many once in a lifetime experiences are negative. What does that mean? (wadaya mean by that). Well anyway, forgetting about a man walking on the moon, Kennedy's assasination, the distruction of the trade towers, Obama's election!! and trivial historic events like these, I have to say that one of the most awesome sights ever was coming out of a very small harbor in New Zealand in a "smaller than we all should have been in" dinghy, going farther than we should have been going in this dinghy, we saw a maganificent comet! low on the horizon, Sharp and Huge, Round "ball" with a bright long tail, looked as if it were an artisit's rendition, totally not real. As we learned the next day, this comet (whose name escapes me)will not be seen here on earth for another 1 million years! That is an image that I hope will never leave my mind's eye.


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