Thursday, November 20, 2008

Question of the Day #15

Lisa D's mention of her well-loved brown jacket yesterday reminded me of my favorite red puffy coat. I got it at Jet Rag for a buck, stitched up the slash in the sleeve and began relying on it to get me through porch talk on late chilly nights.

Other people relied on it too. So much that when I came across a white puffy with a faux fur hood on clearance at Macys for $11, I picked that one up too.

Then on a trip to Jersey when I showed up somehow thinking the weather would be just like Cali, I purchased my final puffy in desperation - at full price.

But the insulation is totally worth it. Like the other night, I stayed all toasty in the gray puffy while Helen snuggled in the red one.

Above are some of my fine friends sporting their fave puffies on my deck. So, I ask you, what's your puffy style? And why? Is it white fluffy faux fur? Steady red? Or steely gray? You can vote on the left, leave a comment or do both.



  1. As the person who selected your steely gray puffy (or was it selected for me?), I have to say I was proud to wear the selection and was kept well insulated from the post-sunset chill of the desert city. By the way, is that a picture of Crosby Stills and Nash?

  2. I like puffies but don't really indulge personally. When I saw that the question involved style I laughed to myself. I barely remember what that word means. I only have one warm coat that rarely sees the light of day. If I didn't go to Boston every winter I'd completely forget about it. It's a dark green Eddie Bauer coat. It's marginally puffy and all about function.

  3. I like the white puffy one. just a bit more outrageous and definitely warmer than the others. I have a dark blue puffy one for when it gets really cold. plus, I look like a rapper when I wear it.

  4. Hmmm... this question reminded me that I too have a white puffy coat - no fur but sweater sleeves. I got it in the fashion district of downtown LA for $20 a few weeks before Christmas about 3 years ago. I believe my last roommate borrowed it sometime last Fall. In fact, I'm sure she's sporting it somewhere in RI these days. I miss that coat.

  5. definitley the white!!! and that makes me realize that I need to purchase a new puffy coat. I currently only own puffy vests, hmm, I'd better get to the stores!!

  6. I've lived in California too long to own a lot of puffies. I mean, here it is November and it's still in the 80s!

    The only puffy I own is actually fuschia, turquoise and black and I love it. It's fitted at the waist so it always makes me look slim :) Of course, I only pull it out to go skiing, so I've worn it ONCE in the last 10 years! I actually wore it more when we lived in Arizona (skiing in Flagstaff was a day trip from Scottsdale).

    I need to move to a place where it gets cold enough for me to wear puffies more often :)

  7. I am digging all of the gorgeous models of the puffies but I'm leaning toward Big B in the red. He sorta has a Hugh Hefner thing going on, no?

    As for me, there will not be any puffy coats in the near future. Pregnant lady in a puffy? It's not pretty.

  8. I'm a dark gal myself and lean more towards the grey and black section of the color spectrum. But I'd much rather wear thinsulate than a puffy anyway. Much thinner. Or maybe I could blame my width on the puffy. Something to consider.

  9. Puffy white so I can blend in with the snow! By the way in VT this AM it was 13 degrees.
    Want puffy coat weather? Come on over : ).

  10. I voted for the white puffy, but I gotta say, the picture of all three's awesome!

  11. Thanks Ara. It is a great pic of the puffies, isn't it? The models aren't bad either! ; )


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