Thursday, November 13, 2008

Question of the Day #8

All right. I'll admit it. I'm a closeted karaoke freak. Okay, maybe not that closeted. There usually are other people in the bar.

Some of you may say it's hokey, but when my friend Tom and I get to be Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow and belt out "Picture" for four minutes, we're really rockstars in our minds.

Or like last night, when Billy and I killed Bon Jovi and Sugarland's "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" Every harmony was pitch perfect. The crowd cheered, and for those fleeting moments, this Jersey Girl felt like she was center stage at the Meadowlands.

It's my guilty pleasure. What's yours?



  1. First, we need to address Karaoke. Spelling it was a challenge enough!
    Once on a sailing trip to a warm and sunny island, my special one and me and another illfated sailor wound up in a bar with the above entertainment. After sufficent libation, we decided to give it a try! "Jeramiah was a bull frog" has never been the same. Funny how it sounded so much better to us when we "practiced".
    Now about guilty pleasures. That is a subject for summer night porch talks under the stars. With a guilty pleasure or two! : )

  2. Okay, guilty pleasures. I have a bunch but here are two:

    I can't believe I'm going to admit this but I love to tell Steve these silly, stupid stories and try to pass them off as real. I usually let him off the hook before he leaves for work, so he doesn't go around telling people they outlawed Hubba Bubba or that teen pop sensation Tiffany moved up the street. My mom is great too. At a restaurant one day, I had her convinced there was a man behind her dressed in a banana suit. I have no idea why but I find myself so funny!

    The second pleasure is holding Z family dance parties! Loud music, crazy dance moves and lots of hooting and howling. They are quite a sight to be seen.

    I'd like to hear a rendition of "Jeramiah was a bull frog" some day. Please?!

  3. I've got a bunch too...and, LD - you crack me up!! Mine involve things like watching TMZ and train wreck tv like The Two Coreys - yes, there - I've said it, I watch Corey Feldman and Corey Haim self implode on the small screen and I only know of one other person who indulges in that mess...(your secret is safe with me H). Sneaking on to Facebook while I'm working is another one - I love to see what everyone is up to! My list could really go on and on...Great question, Suz!

  4. A banana suit? Outlawing Hubba Bubba? I am howling! What is wrong with you? ; )

  5. At work, we have huge windows that face the front entrance parking lot. Me and my colleagues often have running commentaries on passersby.
    "Who wears shoes like that to work?",
    "Hey - he looks like he is walking downhill when he walks!",
    "They have SO got to be lovers!"
    We are an imaginative group, and have created a great cast of characters!!

  6. You need to talk to Moonrat (Editorial Ass). She loves kar... I can't even spell it.

    My guilty pleasure? Used to be computer games, but I stopped playing them to write more. Only now I blog and read blogs more instead. Are we talking guilty pleasuers or addictions. I think I just have addictions.

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  8. Hmm. Something's not working right. Sorry if I wind up posting this three times in a row, but it keeps saying I missed some field or whatever.

    Anyway, my guilty pleasure of the week (because I have so many of them...) is the Led Zeppelin channel on XM/Sirius. But don't tell anyone!

  9. besides Facebook? Stuffing chocolate in my mouth when the kids aren't looking.

  10. There's a Led Zepplin channel? I SO need to find that...

  11. Oh for me it will ALWAYS be about the green frog and what a girl will do to cheer up her roommates Suzanne and Lisa D.......who would have EVER thought that moment would come back to haunt me on National Television! (Only in Schifino-land)....


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