Saturday, November 22, 2008

Question of the Day #17

The one benefit of not feeling well is that you get to lie on the couch and watch bad TV all day and not feel guilty about it. Yesterday, I cuddled up under my fuzzy red blanket, watched a couple TiVoed Oprahsodes and then accidentally came across Fried Green Tomatoes.

I cried when Buddy got hit by the train. I blubbered when Ruth died. I cheered when they killed Ruth's batterer husband. I sobbed at the end when Iggy's house was gone and the town was just a crumbling memory.

When it was over, I felt crappier than when I laid down in the first place.

Next came Atonement. I know, I know. But I didn't know what it was about. I just heard my father's voice in my head, "Great movie. You should see Atonement."

I thought I'd blubbered at Fried Green Tomatoes. As the credits rolled, I clutched my soaked pillow and realized that love was impossible. A fairy tale. It would never happen.

And then, the most amazing thing happened. A yellow legal pad filled the screeen and a pencil scratched out the words "Almost Famous."

Thank god for movies that don't evoke suicidal thoughts. Thank god for Almost Famous, one of my favorite pick me up movies ever.

Not to be confused with my number one favorite - that's Beautiful Girls. There's nothing better than the ridiculous familiarity of returning home to your high school buds after years of living in the big city and falling right back into your native banter without even thinking about it.

Okay, so I told you mine. What are your favorites?



  1. Jaws!! I know, I know, but it's a sickness. I will watch that movie in any language at any time. My husband gave me the anniversary edition and it's still wrapped and hidden away. My other favorites include The Usual Suspects and Fight Club, both for their awesome endings - like Jaws... just kidding.

  2. Love Actually. *sigh* It is my all time favorite as it shows love in all its myriad forms and not every story has the happy ending you might expect. But it still has some really good mushy, happy endings.

  3. Gone With The Wind. I can recite the movie almost verbatum and I do "give a damn"! :) Ghost still makes me cry. AN AFFAIR TO REMEmBER (both remake and original) Sob, sob, sob. I am sobbing now. The scene when he sees the painting and then realizes she is the woman in the wheelchair. OMG! There are so many. Where's my pillow : ).
    Oh, I almost forgot Moonstruck! Some of the lines in that movie have become family injokes!
    Hmmm, now what happened to ones like the Sound Of Music?

  4. Don't you love the part of ALMOST FAMOUS with the band's shirts? Hahahaha. Anyway, a few of my favorites are (speaking of Cameron Crowe) SAY ANYTHING, SINGLES, BOOGIE NIGHTS, THIS IS SPINAL TAP, and BEST IN SHOW.

  5. STEEL MAGNOLIAS has wrung a fair share of tears out of me and I was a big puddle watching the Winona Ryder version of LITTLE WOMEN. But my most favorite tear jerker of all time is IN AMERICA.

  6. Off the top of my head, my classic favorites are Office Space, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, This Is Spinal Tap, and When Harry Met Sally. But then again, turn on any 80's flick and you'll have my attention for the next 90 minutes...

  7. Almost Famous is a good one. I gravitate toward comedies...I love to laugh. My faves are Old School, Elf, and Vacation. A serious movie I liked is A Time to Kill. Loved the book and it gave me my first glimpse of Matthew McConaughey...

  8. Almost Famous is a great movie, but I'm with Krista. 80s all the way! I graduated from high school in 1986 so any movie with John Hughes attached I've watched more than once!

    I also love Audrey Hepburn movies, The Princess Bride, all Indiana Jones and T2.

  9. My all-time favorite movie is Muriel's Wedding, but I do know every line of The Princess Bride ("No more rhymes, now, I mean it! Anybody want a peanut?"). You may detect a wedding theme trend here, but it means nothing I tell you.


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