Sunday, November 23, 2008

Question of the Day # 18

I went to a wedding last night. I love weddings. I cried at the first peek at the bride and that proud look glowing on the groom's face. We clapped, danced and sang out our "Amens" with the slammin' gospel choir. The bride and groom floated during their charming first dance.

I was in cohoots with the people at the "party table," who pretended that Barbara (whose seat was empty) had actually showed up and ordered tons of food and cocktails for her. Then we collectvely consumed all of it. All the while asking the empty chair if it would like some more champagne.

Ohhhh Barbara.

Every wedding has its moments. Like when after recently breaking his foot, my brother began the first dance with his wife clutching a cane. Then after the first few frustrated measures, he tossed it across the dance floor and grabbed his bride. The crowd roared.

At my friend Krista's wedding this summer, she brought in a photo booth. The pictures are hilarious. People packed in there in crazy poses. And the favorite question of the night was, "Did you get in the photo booth yet?"

And at a lot of weddings I've attended, I've crashed the band and sang. The guests go crazy cheering for one of their own.

What are some of your favorite wedding moments?



  1. You party animal, you. ;-)

    My most favorite wedding moment was the peace and quiet of eloping to our front yard. And being able to say "I do" and have it mean something legal as well as emotional.

    And now we have to wait until after March, 2009 to hear the court weigh in on the case that may decide we're still married if they go one way or may decide that we are still in legal limbo if they go the other way.

  2. Thanks for the shout out. The photobooth was hands down my best idea for that night. So glad I decided on it at the last minute. Those pictures speak millions of words and lots of laughs. :)

    As a wedding coordinator, I've seen my fair share of touching moments, but they don't compare in the least to my favorite wedding moment... which was my own!

    It was when the ceremony doors opened before me. My mother and father were both clutching my arms, my family and friends were looking in my direction, and my soon-to-be-husband was smiling and waiting for me at the end of the aisle. Chills. I was absolutely overwhelmed with emotion and joy. I couldn't wait to marry that man and celebrate. Simply the most beautiful moment of my life.

  3. Wow Krista, that was beautiful. Tears are clouding my computer screen! I hope you hold that thought all your life.

  4. Okay, I know this is the not the intention of the question but my most memorable wedding moment was when I was my sister's maid of honor and my dress came completely unsnapped while on the alter. I can millimeters away from flashing the entire church! Literally. Oh, the horror on the faces of my family!

    damn dress... : )

  5. I got married outside, and it started to storm. My veil stood straight up from my head, and I looked like the Bride of Frankenstein. That poor minister couldn't stop giggling at me.

  6. My favorite "wedding moment" was actually before the wedding, when I was trying on dresses at this huge store where they required appointments. My mom said she had a work meeting she absolutely couldn't miss, so I invited my stepmom (who my mom has somewhat of a confrontational history with) to help me evaluate the selection. Anyway, about half an hour into the appointment, guess who shows up? Yeah. Apparently, my face turned gray.


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