Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Question of the Day #1,157

Over breakfast, I challenged the family to come up with "would you rather" questions. This is where we shook out:

1. If you were caught stealing in a foreign country where you had these two options for punishments, would you rather have your hand cut off or spend three years in that country's prison?

2. Would you rather have a tropical vacation napping on gorgeous white sand beaches or an African safari adventure?

3. After leaving the grocery store, and arriving at home, you discover a snack treat you didn't pay for in your bags. Would you rather keep the treat or return to the store to pay for it?

4. You're on a first date with someone you're crazy about. You clog the toilet and cannot find a plunger in the bathroom. Would you rather ask your date for a plunger or simply suggest you go out to dinner immediately?

5. Would you rather bacon or sausage with your eggs?

How would you answer these questions? And what do these questions say about my family?



  1. I won't comment on what this says about your family. ;)

    1. I wouldn't steal. But if I had to answer; jail it would be.
    2. African adventure.
    3. My grocery store is too far away, I'd keep it.
    4. If the date was anything like my husband, I'd probably win points for asking for the plunger.
    5. Both. (although bacon has a slight edge I suppose)

  2. 1. Three years in the prison. I'm so scared of pain!

    2. Tropical vacation mmmmm!!!

    3. I would keep it. And then give an extra tip the next time. Or just pay for it the next time.

    4. Tough one. Ummmmm. I'd probably boot it out the door lmao.

    5. Neither! No meat for me!

    They show that your family is fun :) heh.

  3. Okay, okay, okay...

    1) I imagine this wouldn't really be an option, but since this is a pretend situation anyway and because I know those jails can be really bad, especially for women, I opt for a trial month in prison and then I have the option to sacrifice my hand if the conditions are too torturous (IF I can go straight home to have medical treatment to avoid sepsis, thank you very much).
    2) Beach with an umbrella drink. I am so over adventure.
    3) Keep! Their mistake. I am pretty sure I have overpaid a few times anyway.
    4) I would be compelled to fix the situation, so I'd have to ask for the plunger. He would, under NO circumstances, be allowed to help or enter the bathroom at all until the offending blockage and any resulting mess and/or smell was entirely removed. We might miss our dinner reservations.
    5) Both please! With a side of corned beef hash.

  4. You guys are creative, that's for sure!
    1) prison. At the very least it would make for great fiction fodder some day, right?
    2) safari--lifelong dream, I grew up reading too much Hemingway.
    3) Head back and return it.
    4) assuming I'm at my place, I'm out the door.
    5) Always always always bacon. What was the question?

  5. Great questions Suzanne.

    1, Prison, assuming I was in good health.

    2, I'll take the beach. A safari sounds nice and romantic, but mosquitoes and such would annoy me, and the political climate in other parts of the world would concern me. And I'm afraid of lions.

    3, Knowing such a treat wouldn't be mine, I'd give it away to some kid.

    4, Plunger. I figure clogging the toilet is a universal situation, shit happens (ha ha). If she can't laugh at that, I'd just give her cab fare home.

    5, I prefer bacon but I have to have it well-done. I hate it when it's fatty and squishy - gross. Usually, when I order out, I just opt for sausage. It's hard to mess that up.

  6. 1) Prison
    2) Beach
    3) Return it
    4) Ask for the plunger
    5) Bacon

  7. 1. Prison -- depends on the country.
    2. African safari adventure -- definitely!
    3. Keep the treat -- we get short-changed so often, so it would be an even trade.
    4. Haha -- go out to dinner immediately.
    5. Bacon!

  8. 1. Prison. Although time is precious, it's hard to part with a hand.
    2. I've seen enough beaches in my day; bring on the safari!
    3. Leave the treat. It all washes out in the end.
    4. I'd ask for a plunger because otherwise he'd have to clean up what is undoubtedly your mess. It would be a good judge of how "cool" he was and how into you he was, too! If a little poo scared him off, he wouldn't be there when the shit got serious.
    5. Bacon all the way. Sometimes you bite into a sausage and it just ain't right. Gross.


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