Friday, December 9, 2011

Question of the Day #1,139

My awesome sister in law sent me this article asking which Muppet is most like you. I am a bit of a Muppet FANatic. I remember watching the Muppet Show in my jammies as a little kid and getting super excited when the theme song began.

As an adult, I'm still a fan. And I really want to go see the Muppet Movie!

Anyway, which Muppet are you most like?

kermit-52.jpgKermit: The Everyman, and the glue that always holds the rest of the gang together. Slightly high strung (and given to moments of frustration), but generally warm and gracious, with a tender, sentimental side. Probably happiest in quiet moments, playing banjo on his lily pad.

misspiggy-52-reut.jpgMiss Piggy: The Diva, both feared and adored for her independence, confidence, chutzpah and occasional temper tantrums. She is all about the fine things in life - Chanel outfits, fine dining (no dieting for this pig) and, of course, Kermit. Just be careful: this pig will high-kick you if you betray her in any way.

fozzie2-52.jpgFozzie Bear: An extrovert and avowed attention-seeker, he is the life of every party. Probably happiest onstage, where he can regale an adoring crowd with his string of "Wocka wockas" and cornball jokes.

rowlf-52.jpgRowlf the dog: A talented musician and quick with the pun, Rowlf might be considered the old-fashioned gentleman of the Muppets. Usually found tickling the ivories or cutting up audiences with his side-splitting puns. Loyal friend to Kermit and esteemed ballroom dancer. Happiest flopping his ears while sitting at the piano.

gonzo-52.jpgGonzo: The Artist (or misfit, depending on how you look at him), Gonzo takes pride in the fact he is different - a skill he learned early while growing up with buggy eyes, blue fur and a long nose. Is not afraid to try strange new things like eating rubber tires, all for the sake of his performance art.

waldorf-52.jpgStatler and Waldorf: The Critics. Described by some as curmudgeons, they beg to differ. They only heckle and grouse because they know best, and have more refined tastes than the other philistines in the room. Their gruff outlook hides a sentimental yearning for simpler times past.

scooter-52.jpgScooter: Highly efficient and a people pleaser, Scooter is happier behind the scenes than hogging the spotlight. Not afraid to use some family connections to get ahead in the theatre world, he derives the greatest satisfaction from his career.

animal-52.jpgAnimal: A walking Id, Animal is not afraid to give into his baser temptations and impulses, often living purely on instinct. Happiest when banging away on the drums and letting his freak flag fly.

I think there are pieces of all of them in me, but if I had to choose one, I'd say I'm most like Kermit. I pride myself on keeping the gang together. Yes, I can be high strung and all those other characteristics. But I'm completely content when I'm hermitting up too.

What about you?



  1. Scooter with Animal tendencies.

    The movie made me happy!

  2. Don't forget that besides Gonzo, Kermit, too, is different. And he reveals his difference with such touching courage and dignity that I have to go with him. After all, it's not easy being green.

  3. Definitely Kermit. With Miss Piggy's independence, and Rowlf's ability to throw quick puns. I'm married to a Statler and Waldorf/Animal hybrid. :)

  4. I'm gonna go old-school Muppets on this one and say Don Music.

  5. The dog, because i play piano.

  6. Gee, this is a tough one. Sometimes I think I'm more like Rizzo the rat.

  7. O don't know much of the Muppets really. From the description, I dunno, I do see a bit of myself in everyone. Kermit and Gonzo seem most similar to me :p


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