Saturday, December 10, 2011

Question of the Day #1,140

I grew up in an illdyllic little historic town called Basking Ridge. Named for the deer that basked in the sunlight on the ridge. And every Christmas Eve for most of my life, my family and I enjoyed a tradition of crowding around the lit Christmas tree in the center of town with hundreds of other Basking Ridge natives and singing Christmas Carols.

Unlike the other idyllic families, before we joined the other carolers, we scoured the attic and delved into closets to find the ugliest hats we could. Lopsided cowboy hats, hideous, wide-brimmed, 80's fashion statement gone awry hats, orange hunting caps complete with ear flaps - whatever we could find. Then we'd head down to the event, a little noggy, and sing very loudly.

Our favorite song was "We Three Kings," thanks to Ruthie. One year, after a wee bit of wine, she approached the upswing of "ohOHHH star of wonder, star of night" with such gusto that we mad-hatted hooligans could only join her in uproar. Which in turn, caused the sober town natives to turn around and glare at us.

Thus creating a tradition within a tradition.

So, this Christmas, you can be sure that after my dear sister exercises her mixology skills at Happy Hour, there will be some serious wailing of, "ohOHHH star of wonder, star of night."

What's your favorite Christmas carol?



  1. I've always liked Silver Bells. I grew up in a small city, and the lyrics painted the idyllic picture of being in a city Christmas.

  2. Serious... O Holy Night
    Fun... I Want An Alien For Christmas (by Fountains Of Wayne

  3. Is I WANT A HIPPOPOTAMUS FOR CHRISTMAS considered a carol? But seriously... WHITE CHRISTMAS.

  4. I love to listen to Ave Maria.
    For fun, Merry Christmas, Baby

  5. Carol of the Bells

    I "collect" different versions of this song. I don't buy every version, just ones that are truly unique. I can listen to my 30+ versions and never tire of hearing the tune.


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