Thursday, September 24, 2009

Question of the Day #323

Even when I have a full day off, I feel like I'm a hamster on a wheel. There are a zillion things to be done. We're working on a benefit for my friend, Stacie, who has breast cancer, and running Team Stacie is like running another business. I'm fielding calls from crazy generous donors left and right. Woohoo!

And that got me thinking about donating. We've discussed volunteering before, but do you actually donate money or auction items to a certain cause?

(If you'd like to help, join Team Stacie on Facebook! Look for the Team Stacie logo above.)



  1. I can't be there because my own family stuggle with cancer, but I will donate and wish Stacie the best!

  2. The womens resource center in my old town was where I worked for women and helped to make them safe.
    BUT Team Stacie is getting my attention now!
    Go Stacie! Love you!

  3. I can't give much but I do what I can to help others in need - I've been so fortunate in getting help when I've needed it. I usually donate what I can to various causes throughout the year. Sometimes it's to something well-known like the Susan G. Komen Foundation or to something smaller like a local toy drive. Team Stacie is my focus now and I'm hoping my contributions (no matter how large or small) will help to carry Stacie through this time. Go Stahce go!

  4. Yes, we do. Not as much this year as we usually do due to the economy, but we fundraise for the church, the schools, and also write checks to charitable organizations as well.
    Good luck with Team Stacie! My mil just had two cancer related surgeries this summer. It was tough but she is doing well now.

  5. We do stuff with our church and the missions groups. My boys enjoy putting together shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child as well.


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