Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Question of the Day #307

My friend P asks wacky questions. Like the other day, while gobbling a plate of mashed potatoes, he said, "Kid, if you only ate mashed potatoes for the rest of your life, do you think you could stay alive?"

Then there was, "Would you rather have someone smash your knee with a bat once or get sand thrown in your face once every hour, at any point during that hour, so you don't know when it's coming, for the rest of your life?"

And of course, "If you had to choose between never having sex again or having to pour maple syrup on every single thing you eat for the rest of your life, which would you chose?"

The entertainment is endless.

How would you answer P's questions?



  1. Oh that P! Okay...

    a) Yes, I believe I could stay alive on a diet of mashed potatoes... if made with milk, you get a little bit of protein & dairy so you should be ok.

    b) I would rather have someone smash me in the knee with a bat, thank you. The sand would be very inconvenient whereas the smashed knee would only be inconvenient for a little while.

    c) Bring on the maple syrup.

  2. Let me just say this. If I had to eat mashed potatoes every day for the rest of my life, I'd prefer to have the baseball bat to the head, maple syrup poured over my body so that the flies would consume me faster, AND go ahead, throw the sand on me to finish me off.

    I love a good mashed potato every now and then...but eesh, every day?

  3. Yes, you could stay alive by eating only mashed potatoes. For how long not sure? Maybe like if you could add stuff now & again so like spinach florentine mashed potaotes today and cheesy mashed potatoes tomorrow. That'd be swell.

    Smashed knee please. Although probably the worst injury is the knee, at least you'd get it over with. And sand annoys me.

    Maple syrup. For sure.

    P and I would debate for hours I'm sure - because if he asked the no sex vs. maple syrup question I'd have to clarify a few things like define sex - do you mean sex with another person or with the maple syrup like how much do I have to put on everything - just a drop, a tablespoon, a gallon?? Fun questions. :-)

  4. No thank you on just mashed potatoes for the rest of my life. Kill me now. :)
    Knee smashed.
    That last one is a crazy one. And I really am not sure what I'd choose!

  5. I think P would get along really well with my husband. He asks the same sort of bizarre, off the wall questions!

    I hate mashed potatoes and I'd rather be smashed in the knee. I wonder how the maple syrup would taste on the mashed potatoes?

  6. Is this a questionnaire for the new government health plan? OK, eat mashed potatoes with syrup on top, nursing a smashed knee...

    ..all of which would make me VERY cranky, ensuring that people would want to throw sand in my face hourly and guaranteeing that I'd never have sex again.

  7. I'd knock P upside the head.

    ...then he'd squash me like a bug.

  8. Living with knee pain, I'd say that one smash to your knees with a bat could actually keep revisiting you every hour for the rest of your life just as the sand could. But I'd still take the bat.

    I think I'd choose never having sex again, sad to say. I like food too much to ruin everything with maple syrup.

  9. Those are hilarious. I'm kind of bummed though ... I don't even LIKE maple syrup!!!

  10. First of all, I'm Irish, of course I could survive on mashed potatoes!!!

    I would have my knee smashed by a bat, my family has a history of needing knee replacements anyway.

    Finally, I would pour maple syrup on every single thing I ate for the rest of your life, just think of the weight I'd lose. I hate maple syrup, but it's certainly better than no sex!!

  11. Yes on the potatoes.
    Bat to knee.
    Love maple!


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