Thursday, September 3, 2009

Question of the Day #302

Enjoy Shannon, friend and waitress extraordinaire on Spaghetti and Meatballs Night.

Clearly, she's quite the promoter.

Anyway, that got us thinking about t-shirts with crazy sayings on them.

"I have one that says, 'Got Wine?'" said E.

"N had one with, 'This is what awesome looks like,' written across it," I said.

"I don't have any t-shirts with writing on them," said H.

"This could be a good question," said E.

"Why, yes, yes it could," I replied.

So the question is, do you wear any t-shirts with funny sayings on them? If not, what have you seen that you like?



  1. I own a shirt with two chopsticks on it and Japanese Kanji on it saying "I cannot use chopsticks . . . Because of this my face burns with shame! Can I please have a fork?"

    Other than that I saw a shirt that I really want to buy from Think Geek!

    Loving that shirt with all my life points just proves that I'm a total nerd. And I heart it!

  2. My husband (who's a software engineer) once got a free conference t-shirt that said KICKING BUTT AND WRITING CODE in huge block letters across the front. Whenever he wears it (which isn't too often), people give him nervous looks and get out of his way. For example, one time, he wore it to the county fair and some super tough-looking biker dude, all leather and scraggly long beard bumped into him. Looking up, the biker gave an angry scowl, but then saw my hubby's shirt. "Oh. Excuse me," Biker Dude said in the most polite tone of voice imaginable. Maybe he figured my hubby was tougher than he looked, a plainclothes kung fu expert or ultimate fighter.

  3. I can't think of a really good one that I've seen but my tennis team wants our t-shirts to read "Just Poke It".

  4. My husband just walked out of the house with a shirt on it that says, "Stay thirsty, my friends"... referring to the hilarious Dos Equis commericals. He has another that asks, "Who the fuck is Mick Jagger?" But if I start listing his dumb shirts with writing on them, I'd be here all day. :)

    I have one that says " Support the Arts. Sleep with a Musician." So naughty. It shall never be worn outside the house... again.

  5. The only ones I have with writing are the ones I've done walks and runs for ... like the Komen shirts, ACS shirts, etc. The one in your picture is hilarious!

  6. I have one that my work created after the crazy year end rush in March that says "I survived March Madness" done up ala Survivor logo.

    Another work one has fishes on it that ssys "Sink or swim."

    Then there is this weird family portrait one that some whacky person made for a family anniversary and has the altered lyrics to the Brady Bunch theme song. ;)

    N ONLY wears Ts with stuff on them. I particularly like when he wears ones from special events that he has worked at...and they say STAFF on the back. SO many people ask him for help no matter what store we happen to be in. LOL!

  7. That's funny you posted this, I just took pics of some tshirts for a blog post next week!
    Here's a sneak peek...
    I have a lot of rock tshirts with the band names on them. I also have a tshirt that says, "Only vampires can love you forever." Since I love Twilight and Tru Blood!
    My husband has a Darth Vader shirt that says, "Who's Your Daddy?" He also has a shirt with the earth on it and it says something like, "Keep your planet clean. This isn't Uranus."
    My ten year old has a shirt that says, "Don't Worry. I'm single." He doesn't wear it to school anymore because he's embarrassed though!

  8. I LOVE t-shirts with funny sayings on them, in fact I probably own far too many of them. I just bought my nephew one that says "I (heart) Kegstands" written upside down. I don't think I have a favorite.

  9. I have a T-shirt that says "I.B.M. Irish By Marriage" which is funny because I worked for the management of the IBM Building and my wife is 100% Irish. (I actually still work there, but IBM no longer owns or has it's name on the building)

  10. I do what the voices in my head tell me to do and Runs with scissors were two of my faves. The one I liked but never got: πro

    (Hope that shows up right)

  11. Not these days... but my favorite when I was younger was:

    "God is coming.. and is He pissed!"

  12. OMG i love t-shirts with funny sayings. One of our friends actually had a party at the shore and you had to wear a funny t-shirt then everyone voted on the best ones. Paul has a shirt with a cougar walking and it says "cougar bait." Then he has the shirt that says "Canada: America's hat" and I have the "Mexico: America's beard" shirt. He also has one that's a tree with a sun rising and it says "morning wood." OMG we have so many it's ridiculous. We get them at cafepress dot com.

  13. Stella has one that says "My Parents Still Party." Thanks to Uncle BFehd!

  14. I had some made with a picture of a baby crying and it says; Would you like cheese with that whine?

  15. Oh I almost forgot. My boss let his son go and buy his own t-shirt. He is 14. He got one that said. I XXX XXXXX like a fat kid eats cake. His father asked; Now just where do you expect to wear that shirt?

    PS if you google that, be prepared for a shocker.

  16. I'm addicted to shirts.

    My daughter has:

    Magic is just stuff that science hasn't made boring yet.

    I listen to bands that don't even exist yet.

    And I have:

    "I'M A NOUN!"

    Haikus are easy
    But sometimes they don't make sense


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