Saturday, September 5, 2009

Question of the Day #304

It's Moving Sale Day and I'm cleaning house. Seriously. Furniture, clothes, cds, plants, electronics, whatever.

The idea of living a little more lightly is really appealing. Forget the stuff. Concentrate on actions.

So, what stuff in your home would you like to get rid of?



  1. I would love to get rid of papers, files, boxes. Actually, I want to clear out so much~ it requires discipline. I used to move quite often and that became my organizational momentum, but now I just have to get rid of STUFF! I'm always afraid I will throw out something important. <3

  2. Good luck with the move! Sounds like you are doing what many of us should, personally and professionally! - MP

  3. Good luck with the sale! Having recently moved, I think I did a good job of clearing the 'unwanted.' However, I would love to have someone come and organize what I do have!!

  4. Wow! The big move is finally happening. We have a three-car garage full of junk. What I'd like to get rid of fills two cars' worth of space.


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