Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Question of the Day #308

My friend B posted this status update last night:

"Tonight i can vividly recall being in 4th grade and sneaking out every single weekend night to ride bikes at 3am around my town. and i wish anything i was doing right now in my life made me feel as alive as that did."

I TOTALLY get what he means. Remember when you were a kid and everything was crazy exciting? Stomach flips when your crush looked at you? Excitement for weeks over your BFF's upcoming parentless party? The electric buzz on the last day of school before summer?

Sneaking out during the night was thrilling. Dodging behind bushes when headlights appeared. Every tiny wind whistle or branch snap sparked shivers down your back.

When was the last time you felt that kind of "alive"?



  1. I never ever sneaked out! :)
    But I do remember those exciting times of crushes and anticipation.
    I do get really excited when I'm at a concert of a band I really like. I get all nervous!
    I also was pretty excited at my hs reunion, nerves and excitement to see everyone!

  2. My childhood was different. No sneaking out, or partying, and I wasn't into boys unless it was some kind of athletic showdown. For me the "alive" feeling came from exploration. All of the nooks, crannies and secret passages of my grandma's barns and the lost treasures they held, getting on a bike and heading in a random direction for the day, exploring the woods behind our house.

    These days I get that feeling when N and I travel together. It's an escape from day-to-day responsibility without lugging a child around. We've walked at the tops of trees, stumbled to our b&b in the dark countryside after leaving a pub, spontaneously climbed hills to see ancient castles, and traipsed through farmer's fields to find roman ruins. Even though I don't do these things every day, I often stop to remember those times, and it is an instant boost to my day. :)

  3. Ahh....So you are on facebook! Hee...Hee! Take care

  4. Yes, "Anonymous," I AM on Facebook. I blocked you. But apparently, YOU don't get the hint. And you continue to stalk my blog and leave comments when I asked you not to.

    I think tomorrow's question will be about whether or not the other bloggers have stalkers who won't leave them alone no matter how many times you tell them to.

  5. from one anonymous about another anonymous. i think if people dont want to communicate with you and make that clear in no uncertain terms that you should respect their wishes and privacy and leave them alone.

    anonymous's like you give the rest of us anonymous's a bad name.

  6. Alrighty then. Well, sad to say but I didn't need to sneak out as a kid. I didn't really have anyone keeping tabs on me. I think I feel most alive when we hit the road! Nothing like stumbling upon and exploring new places to make one feel alive.

  7. Every time I travel to a new city, I feel 'alive.' The farther I am away from home, the less English people speak in the city, the more I feel alive.

  8. Everytime I got close to stateline driving out of CA -- between the lights and listening to my husband jingle coins in the cupholder.

  9. last weekend surfing in the winter sunshine, and a pod of dolphins shared our wave....


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