Sunday, September 6, 2009

Question of the Day #305

I drove to breakfast this morning without hitting any red lights, driving the speed limit or a tad above, and I didn't slow for traffic once.

LA on a holiday weekend is a holiday. It's like being on vacation. No crowds, no lines, no traffic.

It's heavenly.

What's your town like this holiday weekend?



  1. Great! Everyone is in a great mood b/c we are finally having a SUNNY weekend!

  2. I'm not sure as I've barely left my house - and I like it!

  3. The college kids come flooding back into town this weekend! You start seeing all the out-of-state license plates, the kids all over the market stocking up their apartments and dorms, you can feel the bass kickin' as you pass the frat houses and all of the cheap beer is sold out (seriously, we couldn't find BLs)! It makes me feel good! Somehow alive!

  4. Funny, we drove to the city for dinner, as opposed to taking the train and subway, because there wouldn't be much traffic. Until we got pulled over for running a red light (OK it was like the 10th red light Paul ran, well not really ran, but went thru at the last possible second) and then... we didn't get a ticket!!!

  5. Sorry - when I say "the city" I clearly mean NYC. LOL.

  6. I live in a small town, but in the summer it's a tourist spot because of Flathead Lake. Even on our busiest days here, it's nothing like what it's like down in CA. We stayed home for the weekend though, so it was nice and quiet for us.


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