Monday, September 7, 2009

Question of the Day #306

It's Labor Day. One of the biggest BBQ days of the year.

What kind of fun did you cook up this weekend?



  1. We spent the weekend doing hard labour out in the yard. As a result, the meal plan was easy breezy this weekend, as we were plum tired by the time dinnertime arrived.

    This weekend was the first time that K had another little neighbourhood kid come to the door to see if she wanted to go to the park. So we have also spent quite a bit of time at the park. :) Yay for new friends.

  2. Rest, quiet time and recovery from labor camp:)
    and a chicken breast that is destined for the grill in a few minutes!
    And W coming home soon.
    Never know what he'll "cook" up.

  3. It's been a good weekend and I've been eating nonstop! Tonight it's grilled sausages, after an afternoon of swimming with friends. Saturday it was a BBQ with some other friends - I made a coconut lime cake that was sooooo good!

  4. Well Paulie went to Penn State this weekend for fabulous college football, but he came home Sunday. So we had dinner at our favorite place on the Upper West Side - Fatty Crab, which is a Malaysian/ Thai/ Indonesian deliciousness so we had some authentic SE Asian food. Then today I made a mean corn & crab bisque. Gonna make more this week to freeze for the fall. MMMMMMMM.

  5. Ohhhh Adrienne, I want some of that coconut lime cake!!!!!!!!!

  6. I drove 12-1/2 hours on Friday and 10 hours today to spend 2 days with Mom & Dad. Totally worth it - Lucy & I had a blast!

  7. I hope you had a good weekend, Suzanne! We were out of town at my inlaws vacation home on the Mississippi River. Good family fun in the good outdoors. And a fish fry.


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