Sunday, September 13, 2009

Question of the Day #312

It is overcast. Downright cloudy. And in any other part of the world, I'd say it looks like it's going to rain. But unfortunately, there's a better chance of me learning that my long lost great uncle left me 40 billion dollars today than there is of rain in LA.

What a bummer. I love LA. I love the sunshine, the heat. The lack of humidity. But once in a while, nothing is better than a rainy day.

What are some of your favorite once in a while treats?



  1. I nap way too much for it to classify as "once in a while." Seriously. I love napping.

    I'd have to say my favorite once in a while treat would be laying on the couch doing nothing but being totally lazy and zoning out to the TV - and I only do this once in a while because guilt or my long list of things I "should do" get the best of me.

    Also, ice cream. I only eat ice cream like twice a year but wish I could every single day.

  2. McDonalds. :)

    One time I was in LA and it was drizzling (I'm not sure it actually rains there)and people look literally was quite funny.

  3. Rain here when I don't have to drive anywhere. People here are clueless driving in the rain.

    Napping sounds like a great answer, too. I think I'll ditto Kristen.

    Just back form the writing retreat and a 3 hour nap that has my brain sort of functioning. Now that one is my once in awhile treat but only because it happens once a year.

  4. PINKBERRY! ... or the GA equivalent, Yoforia (which I will always refer to as Pinkberry).

  5. Sitting in my jacuzzi tub. I use the tub all the time, but often forget about the jets. I'm reminded of that now as I hear my husband in there soaking his sore arm.

    Naps are good too and so is ice cream ...


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