Saturday, September 12, 2009

Question of the Day #311

Through the packing process I have come across mixed tapes from my highschool BFF and single 45s I bought as a tween - before the word "tween" even existed.

I found records in dusty boxes. Like Prince 1999, which I bought when 1999 seemed like light years away. And the CDs. Hundreds of CDs. And I was never a huge music buyer. Not like my rocker friends who have walls lined with jewel cases. I just had your average girl's worth.

I'm getting rid of about 75% of them. Not because I'm not into them anymore, but because at some point, I've downloaded most of the material onto my computer. And since I've purchased more songs from iTunes, sadly, the CDs are sort of obsolete.

So how you do listen to music? Do you spin old vinyl? Rock out to your iPod? Blast satellite radio in your car?



  1. All of the above or maybe some of the above? :)
    BUT last night 50 friends (50 to 75?ish or more) got together in a great old barn in town and rocked the night away(disco ball and DJ and you know). Who knew we all could do that nonstop for "many hours" Now we did have one or two stops (for fun) "ok, everybody take your pulse." Oh what a night!!! Is that a song?

  2. I'm still listening music on cds,cassettes and radio. Not much a gadgets person. Don't think the children have seen any vinyl in the house. But how a gramophone brings back so much nostalgia.

  3. I'm an iPod girl. Hopefully, an iPhone girl-to-be.

    A party in a barn?! Oh Evelyn, that sounds like a blast!

  4. I love my iPod classic -- don't know how I lived as long as I did without it. I still have some of my old LPs and can't seem to get rid of them even though I can't play them. I still have a few CD players around here too. But for me, it's the iPod or nothing. The radio makes me crazy with all the commercials.


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