Monday, September 21, 2009

Question of the Day #320

Today completely got away from me. I scrambled all day and before I knew it, my mom called me, panicked because it was evening and I hadn't posted a question.

Apparently, a lack of a blog post is a sure sign that something is wrong in my world.

What red flag would alarm people in your life that something has gone awry?



  1. My mother in law used to think I was surely dead in a ditch if I hadn't called her by midmorning my time. She's pretty quick to panic but I've been pretty busy lately so I managed to reprogram her a little.

  2. Hey! This question wasn't here a few minutes ago. Your day must have been as busy as mine!

    Let's see...people would probably panic if I didn't answer my text messages. Voice- and email it sometimes takes me awhile to reply to, but texts I tend to respond to right away for some reason.

  3. If I didn't reply to an email within a day or a text within 10 minutes. I never answer my phone so that certainly wouldn't set off any alarms....

  4. If hadn't eaten a meal in 3 hours and didn't talked/post about it. ;)

  5. My sister lives a mile away and knows to be concerned if my car is in the driveway anytime between 8 & 5 during the week. Because I live alone with my daughter, I always check in with at least one of my sisters at least once a day so I guess if I didn't talk to one of them, that would probably raise a red flag.


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