Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Question of the Day #1,067

Yesterday was one of those days that starts out disastrous and just keeps going.

Early in the morning, I went to pick up materials for the training I was facilitating and discovered that the printer had made 25 copies of the wrong file. After 35 minutes, she handed me the right pages and I ran to the car. Then, of course, I hit a traffic jam. So I arrived to participants seated and waiting for me.

The opening video wouldn't play. (Even though I'd tested it the day before. When the IT guy was there, it worked fine.) Then the audio didn't work. Thankfully, that came at the end of the session, so I just told participants we'd start there today.

I teach about setting the tone of an interaction between a client and a customer. And yesterday was a good analogy of how the way you start out can sometimes determine the way you end up.

How have you been able to turn a bad start into a good ending?



  1. Eeeks! My blood pressure rose just reading about your day. I do hope today runs much smoother.
    I once dreamed I was being chased down a long, dark alley by a monster. I started to scream, and then the scream became an aria. I woke up thinking, "I turned the scream into a song." Best dream ever.

  2. I'm hoping to pull that off with my career...wish me luck!

  3. Curl up and hide under my blankie.


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