Thursday, September 15, 2011

Question of the Day #1,054

I'm in love.

With a breakfast sandwich. It contains two fried eggs, thick bacon, gruyere cheese and spicy arugula on crunchy fresh baked bread smeared with a zesty aoli.

It's amazing. So every time a friend comes to town, we indulge in one of these amazing breakfast sandwiches. And every time those friends come back, they ask to go back to Huckleberry
so they can enjoy the breakfast sandwich again.

When your friends visit, where do you take them to eat?



  1. That looks delicious!
    We mix it up in this small town: El Puerto, Channel Inn or Whistlestop Cafe :)

  2. Wow! That sounds amazing! Spices Thai Cafe right in my neighborhood (San Diego/Carmel Valley) is one of my go-to's for lunch. For breakfast, the Beach Grass Cafe in Solana Beach is pretty amazing.

  3. THE PORCH, Rochester, Vermont! Our cute little bar/bistro where everybody knows your name :)
    They are re-opening tonight! after all the destruction of Irene. It's still very rough here but The Porch will put a smile on our faces and yummy food in our tummies.

  4. For breakfast we go to a JerZ diner or get taylor ham egg & cheese sandwiches at a bagel shop/deli. For lunch often pizza, sushi or deli. For dinner either somewhere fabulous in NYC or an Italian place in NJ. We are spoiled with killer Italian food here.

  5. How funny because it would be a place of the same name, sort of -- The Huckleberry Patch. It's just outside of Glacier National Park and they have thee most incredible homemade huckleberry pie. Mmm!

  6. I never take people out to eat meals (perhaps that's because I'm poor! lol). There is a delicious ice cream place near my parents place that my boyfriend and I always go to in the summer (well we have been like three times in total lol) it's pretty good! Besides that I really love baking and cooking and I like to show off my skills!


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