Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Question of the Day #1,052

This question comes from my favorite 6 1/2 year old, east coast girl genius, S.

She asks, "What clothes do you wear?"

(To that she added, "Write it down baby, write it down.")

I like her style. What's yours?



  1. For the last 12 years, it's been jeans (or shorts) and a tshirt. Now that I'm working again, I wear khakis and a nicer shirt to work with the kindergarteners.
    I do love occasions where I can dress up. And I usually wear black to those.
    And I also like to dress a little more edgy for concerts.
    And speaking of little girls, I always ask my 9 year old daughter how I look,, because she is seriously the most fashionable person I know.

  2. Always heels with whatever I'm wearing!! It's all about the shoes!

  3. I have plenty of styles! I can pull of professional very well (as I do for work). I can pull of sophisticated (depending on where I'm going ... it usually involves purple or red paired with black). I can do cute (pink, frills, bows, polka dots ... I do this daily but it makes me look so young!! :P). I can do sexy (revealing for nights out at the club).

  4. I;ve got more flavor than fruit stripe gum...

  5. All about da bling. Or maybe it's about the w/o pants and tank tops.

  6. Lately, it's been exercise clothes. I feel more obligated to work out if that's what I put on first thing in the morning.

    Some days, however, it still doesn't work. ;)

  7. S and my son are exactly the same age. Kinda like LDZ and my wife. I wear polos and pants to the lab everyday...


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