Monday, September 26, 2011

Question of the Day #1,065

I need to focus on the positive today. Like:

Yesterday's hike in the morning mist.
A quiet weekend.
The ocean.
My family and friends.
What I can do. Not what I can't control.

What positive things are you focusing on?



  1. Silly things - like how the new season of Supernatural started on Friday and there's only 5 sleeps left to see the second episode, and then only seven sleeps until Dexter...*cough* Oh, and that I have an awesome hubby. And stepdaughter. And friends. But mostly about Supernatural. And Dexter ;-P

  2. Florida weather is cooling down and I'll start my 3 mile walks again.
    My daughter LOVES her pre-teaching Kindergarten internship.

  3. The kindergarteners make me smile every morning.
    Plus I had a fun trip away, but I love being back home with the family.

  4. Right now, my teen who told me that she'd save me in a zombie apocalypse, and listed our "team," destination, and needed weapons. So, love and laughter.

  5. In the midst of major life transition, I'm thankful for a ton of things and reminding myself:

    No worries, everything works out as it should, and at the right time. Relax into the flow. Trust the flow.

    Oh, and it's so much fun hanging with my sister. She makes me laugh. That is my positive appreciation lately.

  6. My kids are healthy, even if they don't always behave themselves.

  7. My boyfriend! The fact that I get paid for the first time at my new job on Friday. That my credit card interest was only $7 this month (higher than it's ever been but considering how in debt I am, not bad!). My hamster!

  8. Trying to find a renter for my new Venice Beach apartment.


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