Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Question of the Day #1,317

As I pulled into the library parking lot, the attendant smiled and waved at me.

"Hello!" She called out from her booth as I drove by.

I remembered her. Not from the library parking lot, but from a lot I used to park in while working on an onsite project.

She sang and danced in her booth as I walked from my car into the library. The song sounded like a prayer echoing through the garage.

After I finished at the library, I drove up to her booth. As she sang me a "hello," her entire face smiled.

"What is your secret?" I asked.

"What secret?" She asked.

"To being so happy." I replied.

"I have God." She waved her hands in the air and spun around, all the while singing. "I have everything."

"Thank you. I'm so glad I saw you again today. God bless you," I said and pulled away.

This woman, who works underground, in parking garages, in a booth all day, is joyful.

Who astounds you with their amazing attitude?



  1. She sounds wonderfully contagious--spreading joy one car at a time. :)

    One of my very good friends who is an energy healer amazes me with her attitude. She has dealt with so much since I've known her with incredible grace. She understands forgiveness like no one else I know, and always counts her blessings with much gratitude.

  2. There's a mom in town who is like that--so friendly and happy. SHe makes every person she sees feel valued, but not in a fakey kind of way.

  3. I know people like that. I wish I could be more like them.

  4. I love that lady. She knows what's going on. I think we could all use a reminder every now and again of just how LUCKY we are to be alive. It sounds like she has the gift of feeling alive!


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