Thursday, May 24, 2012

Question of the Day #1,312

"Worrying is like praying for something you don't want."

I read this yesterday and had an "ah ha" moment. Of course, if the law of attraction states that what you focus on is what you bring to yourself, this makes a lot of sense.

Then I worried all night.

What counterproductive thing can you just not help doing?



  1. What Ara said :)
    Also spinning about what to do first, instead of just crossing something off the list!

  2. Taking the bus home instead of walking. It's more expensive and I'd like the extra bit of walking, but convenience in the cooler weather gets the better of me. Lady A.

  3. Not believing in myself and all the God given gifts I have to offer the world.

  4. Thanks to a friend, I've recently had a huge change of heart and outlook about my entire life and profession and outlook. A woman I know wanted to work with me to get my new novel published. In my true optimistic way, I figured this would probably be my only chance, so I better take it, because the story was so out-of-the-box and nobody else would want it, etc etc etc.

    This woman was quite disrespectful of my feelings as an author. But I've always been such a "nice" girl, god forbid I should dispute anything. I figured this would probably be my only chance . . . and all the other crap that comes with a lifelong collection of negative self-worth.

    Then, after a long conversation with a friend of mine about how I didn't know how to set boundaries etc, he sent me the Code of the West, based on a book written by a man named Jim Owen.


    1. Live Each Day with Courage
    2. Take Pride in Your Work
    3. Always Finish What you Start
    4. Do What Has to Be Done
    5. Be Tough, But Fair
    6. When You Make a Promise, Keep It
    7. Ride for the Brand*
    8. Talk Less and Say More
    9. Remember That Some Things Are Not For Sale
    10. Know Where to Draw the Line

    *(This means look after your own and those in need)

    #s 9 & 10 spoke to me.

    So I gathered my courage together and made a decision I would not work with this woman who had been so condescending to me; that my dignity is not for sale. Later that day, I walked out my door and encountered two casual acquaintances. Turns out they are film producers.

    Out of the blue, I pitched my novel. One of the two has already read it and LOVES it. Waiting for other input. But they are thinking of it as a feature film or even TV series. (and if this doesn't happen, I have proof positive that the book has the capacity to intrigue etc.)

    So . . . One door closes and another one opens. And I am now a true believer. (numbers 9 and 10 were the most helpful to me.)

    Bottom line? Open your arms to the sky and say "Yes!"


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