Sunday, May 27, 2012

Question of the Day #1,315

I got poked on Facebook by a complete stranger. Not a friend. Not a friend of a friend. Just a random old guy.


Who has overstepped a boundary with you lately?



  1. OMGosh! I just now this moment was invited to a wedding reception by the bride. She's a friend of a friend of a friend and if I ever did actually meet her it was over 20 years ago, but I'm pretty sure we have never actually met. Weird huh?

  2. A contractor that I used to supervise. She was playing games, including insubordination. It was a little shocking to say the least.

  3. The front desk attendant at a new yoga studio I tried, gave me this dipsh!t nonsense when I told him I had scoliosis and am working with it: "You know what I think? DON'T do yoga. Don't DO yoga. Have a practice, be present with it." VOMIT. He totally turned me off. Turns out he was teaching the class, too! Lady A

  4. Nobody I can think of at the moment but mentioning Facebook....did you know that now people can BUY likes for their page? Isn't that crazy? It cheapens an already cheap product, imo. Have a great weekend!

  5. I've been poked on Facebook by a stranger too. Creepy!!

  6. I get those FB pokes too, or an occasional email. Weird. I've just joined Twitter and have gotten a few questionable followers that have porn-site links by their name. Ack! What part of "children's author, nature photographer, and homeschool mom" leads someone running a porn link to think I'd be okay with them following me?


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