Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Question of the Day #1,311

I walked outside to find soil all over the furniture on my deck. Then I noticed the gift some animal left me in a planter.

Has an animal ever left you a "gift"?



  1. My cat loves to kill voles and leave them so nicely on our front stoop.

  2. Oh What A Gift!!! Yes, I have received a lovely gift, right on our front door walk!! We were having guests and luckily I walked outside before their arrival and yelled OMG!!! Said something under my breath or perhaps a lot louder! and then removed the gift just in time.

  3. My cat that I had 20 years ago left me a chipmunk with the back of his scalp missing.

  4. Violet used to leave me dead mice, dead rabbits, dead birds and once a dead weasel.

  5. All the time! A turkey just pooped on my deck railing a few minutes ago. Nice. And the deer go all over the grass. I've even found bear scat in our yard, which isn't surprising since there were just 3 bears out there earlier today.

    I might as well live in a zoo.


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