Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Question of the Day #1,310

I'm excited for my critique group tonight. It's always great to read such amazing writing, but in addition, it's so much fun to exchange ideas with smart, confident women.

What kinds of groups are you involved in? What do you enjoy about them?



  1. Aa and na. It is great to see people change their lives.

  2. I, too, love my crit group. I drive from Venice to Redlands to keep meeting with them. That's a lot of love!

  3. Well, the Screw Iowa Writing Group is all over the USA, but they are the BEST readers in the world. I think we work well because we're so different, but all very dedicated to writing.
    And I have my old colleagues, the pigs, who are just like sisters to me and my Bumble Book Club who are so dang smart and well-read.


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