Thursday, April 26, 2012

Question of the Day #1,284

A car door slammed (or at least something that sounded like that). I bolted up in bed. I tiptoed down the hallway to the kitchen and looked out the window into the driveway. My car sat there, red alarm light blinking contentedly inside the door.

The empty street was dark. The neighbor's door was shut. All looked calm.

And then it appeared. The raccoon from Chernobyl waddled along the fence. I wondered how the fence sustained that creature's weight. Seriously, the thing was the size of a golden retriever.

I was glad to be inside.

What thing has gone bump in the middle of your night?



  1. We had strange, random popping noises the other night in our house, like when you're canning veggies and the lid suddenly seals. Trouble is, we weren't canning anything. Two days went by before we discovered it was empty bottled water from my husband's recent brew session, expanding and contracting.

    The fridge is also master of creating new and unusual noises. :)

  2. The kitten jumping from the bed to the desk to the dresser. Most nights we have to banish Little Miss Night Owl from the bedroom.

  3. Ha! I once opened the door from the house to the garage and a raccoon was in my garbage can right next to me! I closed the door and banged and it ran out the open big garage door!
    And once I called the police non emergency number in the middle of the night because I heard weird noises in the backyard (which is part forest) and my dog was going crazy (and my hubby wasn't home). This is a few months after we moved in. They came and investigated. Nothing. I felt silly. Later I realized that lots of different animals wander in the forest and it was probably an animal!

  4. Any weird noises that I hear - I blame on my hamster.

    I did have a couple mice for a while. That freaked me out, I had to sleep in the other room :p

  5. Ooh! Creepy! If something goes bump in the night it's usually one of our cats, which is why we shut them out of the bedroom.


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