Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Question of the Day #1,269

A few posts ago, I blogged about Verizon's crappy DSL service. It's never been good. Over the last year, I've called about 10 times. They've fixed something from the office. Sent someone out who found a problem with the jack. Sent someone else out who couldn't find a problem anywhere. Then sent someone else out who checked the wiring outside. Then he found faulty wiring in the box down the street and fixed that. Next, a woman from the office switched my circuit, explaining that by doing so she was basically taking me off a crowded freeway and putting me on one without traffic. After that, another guy came and installed a new modem.

Now, I'm knocking on wood, but for about a week, my Internet has not gone down once. It's almost as if the problem is solved.

Don't get me wrong, it took forever and was frustrating as heck, but Verizon did work hard to solve the problem.

That doesn't erase the issue, but I am glad they kept trying. And it does say something about the value of service recovery.

What company has worked hard to solve an issue for you?



  1. I wasn't keen on the rep that was sent out to give us a quote on replacing our windows, nor was I keen on his quote. Months later I got a call from a woman at the company saying this guy was no longer with the company, and she was following up on the accounts he had worked on. I told her I wasn't thrilled with him, and stated a few reasons why, and explained we were planning on walking away from their company as a result. She worked very hard to understand our needs, to offer solutions, and came back with an outstanding quote for us. As a result of her efforts we've decided to test them out with a small project this year. If the workmanship passes, we will probably contract them for the rest of the windows next year.

  2. Sorry, none come to mind. Maybe I'll sleep on it and come up with one!

  3. I can't tell you what is best for you since companies vary on location but you should avoid DSL and go with something more like cable. Depending on your location, ISP (internet service providers) will vary along with prices, cable is more expensive but less tedious and frustrating to have, its also a lot more reliable and many times faster. If you want to learn a bit about technology you are welcome to visit my blog or even as me a question.

  4. our local heating guy BUSTED it to replace our broken water heater. I was so impressed at their effort to make things right here.


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