Friday, April 13, 2012

Question of the Day #1,264

It's thundering in LA! In my 18 years here, I've witnessed thunder less than 10 times. I love it!

What's odd about your day?



  1. The fact that I got my list of work done in addition to having meetings scheduled, and a leisurely lunch with colleagues.

  2. Learning I have to hurry up and get a passport for my son so he can go to Argentina.

  3. We're waiting from some of your storm to reach us here in Texas. The ground in cracking. We need it!

  4. Someone named Pebbles accused my daughter of hitting her car by leaving a bizarre letter on her windshield.

    In the same sentence, she threatens my daughter with a "hit and run", threatens to get the police involved, then tells us she is a good Christian Woman who plans to get her money "one way or another" I called the police and they think she's a nutjob!

  5. I was actually out with my daughter driving across LA in that storm, got drenched running from car to bank. The streets were rivers, rapids half-way up tires of cars parked on a hill, intersections flooded, rain blowing sideways. Quite exciting for SoCal and hard to believe now that today is so bright and clear.

  6. I love a good storm! We had the most perfect, warm, sunny, gorgeous autumn weather here this weekend. Spectacular.


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