Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Question of the Day #1,262

Yesterday, my friend, K, spent four hours giving me a social media crash course. God bless K!

What new skills are you acquiring?



  1. I could use a course like that!
    I'm learning Photoshop and I'm loving it...just hope I can remember (most of) it. :)

  2. Hey, hey! Saw you on Twitter but it wasn't you as writer-blogger. Do you have that account,too?
    me, not so much into the Game but would love to follow you as you! Cryptic, much?

  3. Are you on Twitter now? What other social media sites were you learning about?

  4. Mine are more along the lines of Martha Stewart (no-no, not insider trading). ;)

    In getting ready for my little one's birthday, I have learned to make cake pops, origami butterflies, and fascinators. I will be learning how to make a pinata next.

  5. Teaching my husband how to use my simple spread sheet in Excel has been a challenge....

  6. I'm learning new things at my new job - boring stuff like SAP (for finances) and TRIM (for document saving). Oh, the glory. :) At least when you're learning, time flies faster.

  7. That's fun! I've been learning about payroll and photography and knitting recently.


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