Sunday, February 19, 2012

Question of the Day #1,210

A couple days ago, Green Girl in Wisconsin posted Three Things about her day. I like the concept. So let's try it.

Three things about today:

1. A chill is in the air.
2. For breakfast, I had delicious chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes with bacon.
3. I'm going to my friends' wedding tonight. (I love weddings!)

What three things would you like to share about your day?



  1. 1. It's snowing
    2. Staying home today
    3. Feeling lazy

  2. 1. Getting ready for 3 days of yoga!
    2. There's a mountain of clothes on the sofa behind me, to be sorted for a clothing swap
    3. Breakfast involved steak tips...

  3. 1. At my daughter's request, I baked cupcakes that we will decorate later today.
    2. I actually made myself lunch while said daughter plays at a friend's house (typically, I feed my child but forget to eat lunch on the weekends)
    3. I'm doing laundry...which is nothing new for a Sunday.

  4. 1.It is VERY windy here today...27 mph!
    2.I got up at 10am, then napped from 12:30-2:30pm
    3.My kitten learned how to unroll the entire roll of toilet paper when nobody was paying attention.

  5. My income taxes are signed and ready to mail.

  6. 1.We got a little much needed snow.
    2. Got a "yes" for a project I'm working on.
    3.Went to a lovely coffee house/ soup night in town :)

  7. 1. I love that you linked to me!
    2. So sunny again today.
    3. On my 3rd load of laundry--Monday's productivity is at a new high!

  8. 1. I started feeling sick today.
    2. I got to hang out with my hamster, the cutest thing in the world. He is soft.
    3. I went grocery shopping today.


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