Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Question of the Day #1,454

Do you think people ever really change?



  1. How funny you asked this now. Were you watching The Mentalist too? He says people's instincts don't change. I tend to agree. I think change is possible, but it is hard work that requires going off autopilot and most people aren't up to it. So I guess my answer is, no, not at the core.

  2. Sure. Some do. It is all on a case by case basis.

  3. There was a great Modern Family episode 1st season where they addressed that concept and Mitchell sums up that people can change maybe about 15% - but it can be the 15% that really matters. That captures my thoughts on it perfectly.

  4. Yes, but I think if it's for the better, it's a hard, concentrated effort. For the worse, it's easier.


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