Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Question of the Day #1,440

What do you think is so good it's poem worthy?



  1. This is difficult. Lots of poetry seems to simply be words strung together. I don't hear/read the elegance of metered rhyme like Yeats or Rilke. It mostly seems to be free verse or prose poetry. I'm as guilty as anyone, it's much easier to write. But just because I break up lines and words and maybe or maybe not use punctuation does not always make for a poem. And this too, like all writing/art, is subjective.

  2. how about:

    Bacon is hard
    Roses are red
    Poems are harder
    And piggys are dead.

  3. While bacon is pretty high up on my list, I'd have to go with summer. The air, the smells, the colours, the sights, the songs. All worthy of poetry.


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