Friday, August 1, 2014

What Have You Discovered Recently?

Thanks to all of you who hopped on the blog tour this week! I love that Green Girl included me in the fun. On Monday, 8/4, please hop on over and visit these awesome authors:

Kelly Polark
Tony LaRocca
Britt Dussault

I promised a free copy of Fingerprints to one lucky commenter and that commenter is Pearl! Not only because she showed up and left a lovely message, but because she is HILARIOUS. I'm kind of obsessed with her blog. (Creepy? Oh no. Go ahead, read it. You'll be obsessed too.) I'm so excited to have discovered her!

Speaking of discovery, this week, many of you attempted to guess what the heck this is:

 Contrary to your creative guesses like "a large earring tree," "beef jerky dryer," and "a deranged music stand," this thing was used to circulate air during haymaking.

My mother says she plans to put it in the room I like to sleep in when I visit. I told her I won't be visiting anymore. (Can you imagine bumping into that thing on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night?!)

So, as for discoveries, there you have it. But what about you? What cool thing have you discovered lately?



  1. Huh. Who knew?

  2. Congratulations to Pearl! I would not want to trip over that thing in the night either. :-) I just discovered a recipe for grilled corn that I totally want to eat right now! Also, it's close to dinner time and here I am reading blogs and not making dinner . . . Ha!

  3. That photo reminds me of something on True Detective (with Matthew Mc!) :)

    I discovered that I liked to kayak. I tried that for the first time today!


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