Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What Book Would You Reccommend for a 9 Year Old Boy Who Has Read Everything?

The coolest kid on the planet (well, my planet, anyway) is having his 9th birthday party on Friday. He is a voracious reader and I'm willing to bet cold hard cash that he's going to be an author someday. Even though when I said that, he tried to convince me I'm crazy and that he's going to an MLB star. That was right before he described the three book series he's already written.

I would like to get him a book for his birthday, but I feel like he's read everything. He devoured the hits, like Diary of a Wimpy Kid and the Judy Moody books long ago. His reading level is much higher than your average nine year old, but I don't want to get too crazy and cross over into YA yet. There's something magically innocent but cautiously curious about the stage he's in right now.

So, I look to you, my fabulous writer friends and parents. What book might you recommend for the kid who has read everything?



  1. Encyclopedia Brown? Dear Mr. Henshaw? Sounder? The Golden Compass? The Phantom Tollbooth? The Day My Butt Went Psycho? And since he likes baseball: Slam?

  2. The Alex Ryder series is a huge hit with my crew--and most definitely age appropriate for him content-wise, but at a decent reading level.

  3. This is exactly like my nephew. He has moved on to James Patterson's books. Now he gets Barnes and Noble gift certificates from me. His Dad told me he really liked the Percy Jackson And The Olympians series I got him.

  4. Lord of the Rings? The Lion, the Witch & The Wardrobe?
    I second Percy Jackson. Encyclopedia Brown might be too easy and I would definitely not recommend Golden Compass for that age.
    I have this struggle myself, as my daughter reads way above grade level and does not like to read 'inappropriate' books. Which to her mean any books that reference drinking, drugs or sex. It seems so many of the YA books have them in them.

  5. I'm assuming he has already read the Harry Potter & Percy Jackson series (though Rick Riordan just came out with a nonfiction Greek Gods book). My fourth grade son read the Origami Yoda series & Gennifer Choldenko Al Capone series over the summer. Loved both! Also, Tim Green has some great baseball books! Chris Rylander's The Fourth Stall series is funny. And Adam Rex's The True MEaning of Smekday is being made into a movie and will be out next year!

  6. you can never be alone with a book, i love collecting and reading books


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