Tuesday, August 19, 2014

When Was the Last Time It All Just Flowed?

I went dark for a few days because I've been busy writing a TV pilot. This is strange because I write books, articles, how-to's and stuff like that. Not TV pilots.

But last week, I ran into a friend who inspired me to give it a try. Once I started writing, it flowed. Words came from somewhere else. It's like I never heard or thought the words until I saw them on the screen.

I laughed aloud and stopped several times. I even said, "Wow. I'm funny!" once or twice. The things that came out surprised and delighted me.

It's been a long time since I simply channeled a story. It was awesome.

When was the last time your writing, art, music or whatever awesome thing that makes you, YOU, just flowed?



  1. That's awesome!!
    It's been a while!

  2. My best friend and I haven't lived within driving distance of each other for 26 years, but we write each other often. Hardly ever by email, and mostly by greeting cards and cool postcards. A couple of weeks ago I sat down and wrote her an epic 8 page letter!

  3. I love that you hand write letters. When I first moved to LA, my friend who lived on the east coast wrote me a letter every day. Granted, she had a very boring job. But it was so much fun to see her handwriting on an envelope in the pile of bills. It's kind of a lost art now. ;)

    1. We do our banking and bill paying online. It seems like all that comes by USPS is junk mail, so it's fun to find something personal in the mailbox!

  4. VERY cool!
    I find teaching flows for me. Weird.

  5. A screenplay, wow! How fun to try something different :)

  6. The thing that flows for me is creating stuff for my students to do. Usually these are lab exercises. I once got so involved in working on one that I totally forgot to go teach the class :-)

  7. Does cooking dinner count? Because last night it definitely flowed. I found a way to combine those peaches taking up space that weren't very good to eat out of hand with the swiss chard that appears to be the only thing I can grow in my garden this year.


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