Thursday, June 28, 2012

Question of the Day #1,345

When I met my friend for lunch, she was shivering. I came from the west where it was chilly and she came from further inland where it was hot.

Are there micro-climates where you live?



  1. Florida is crazy. It can be POURING at my front door, but a block away the sun is shining.

    Our storms are usually small and travel quickly.

  2. Less extreme but the coast is always cooler in the summer and slightly warmer in the winter. Less snow too. Even though it's only a few degree difference, it always makes me grateful for my little coastal nook.

  3. There is a 6 degree difference between our house and town. AND there is a 15 degree difference about one hour away on Lake Chaplain!
    We had rain showers this morning and just north of us had none. What IS going on here?


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