Monday, June 11, 2012

Question of the Day #1,329

My Internet is intermittent. Which is driving me nuts because it's kind of hard to work when you can't connect. So I call Verizon and answer 4,000 automated questions. I finally get to a human being. He says he's testing the DSL line and the call gets dropped.

And he doesn't call back. Right after I verified my callback number.

I'm too annoyed to call back.

What annoys you too much to deal with?



  1. I use time Warner. Slightly better. But still all the problems.
    HOWEVER . . . here's a gift: the GetHuman Database. This little secret shows you the quickest way to talk to a human being instead of an automaton at any given company. Enjoy. xon

  2. The timer dial on the washing machine is shot. We requested a repair from the property manager. We told the landlord repeatedly. It's been a year. We're still waiting.

    I almost don't give a &#!t anymore.

  3. Ugh. Things like that annoy me. I've had to deal with my cell provider and the gas company lately. Both have been equally painful, especially given that both errors have been theirs, and I end up having to chase them down to get things sorted. Inevitably they get it wrong in the end, and I have to chase them down again. I think I should be able to charge these companies for my wasted time...just send em a big old invoice. rant, rant, rant... :)

  4. Telemarketers. We're on a no-call list and they still call. We also get faxes through our regular phone line every now and then. Those are annoying.

  5. Besides telling the telemarketers i DO NOT WANT to talk to a contractor, I now take down the name and numbers of these jerks who call. Then I tell them that I'm turning them in to the Do Not Call site:

    This has definitely cut down on the number of calls I get.

  6. Bummer. The heat and the dry are definitely annoying and there's not a d**n thing I can do about it! (Well I can pray for rain...)


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