Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Question of the Day #1,344

Today marks the end of Venus in retrograde. For a Taurus, like me, that's good. I'm hoping that Venus in retrograde was responsible for making me feel like I've been slamming into walls every day for the last six weeks.

Are you rolling your eyes as you read this? Or are you nodding in agreement? How do you feel about Astrology?



  1. i am rolling my eyes, but also hoping you might be correct in your optimism as i am also a taurus and life has been a big ball of crap pie recently. so that would be nice.

  2. Rolling my that I realize that being a Cancer doesn't mean I'll get it.:)

  3. Love it!!! Start of winter dec. 20. Sag....

  4. Not much, but I'm open to all sorts of ideas.
    Need to be in this crazy world of ours.


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