Thursday, March 15, 2012

Question of the Day #1,235

Do you play a sport?



  1. Currently, no. I walk for exercise and do Wii fitness programs. But my kids are all very active. I played many in jr. high. My 8th grade year I was in softball, volleyball, gymnastic, basketball, and track. I have no idea how I fit it all in. But in high school I played basketball and softball and was a cheerleader for football. In college, I played intramurals. I hope my daughter plays sports. She's in a running club now and will try basketball this fall. I think kids need to be more active plus they experience team competition and companionship through sports.
    Do you play in a sport, Suz?

  2. TENNIS!! Is a sport when you are scoring points against another person or team, or is a sport- skiing, snowshoeing,hiking,sailing,dating, etc?

  3. I bowled in a league a long time ago, but other than that I'm a class A KLUTZ!

  4. No, but I exercise, kayak, hike, and bike ride. I was never into team sports. I did gymnastics.

  5. I used to swim. I love swimming but I'm not that great, so I can't actually swim for a team.

    Umm I fail at sports though LOL.


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