Monday, June 17, 2013

Have You Ever Locked Your Keys in Your Car?

So, today, while in a rush, I was trying to fit something in my tiny car trunk. I put my keys down to get it situated and then closed the trunk.

As the car alarm beeped its "locked" chime, I gasped. All my keys, including the house and car keys, were locked in the trunk.

Nice work, Suzie.

Thankfully, I had my phone and was able to call a friend. Lesson of the day: Always leave a spare set of keys at your friend's house.

So...are any of you out there as bright as I am? Have any of you ever locked your keys in your trunk?



  1. Never that--thank God! You are smart to have a handy spare with a friend!

  2. Yikes! That is no fun.
    I have, but luckily I had onstar to open it back up. But now I don't have it anymore so I better be more careful!

  3. On Monday, as we rushed out the door to pick up our puppy from the Vet, I realized I flicked the lock on the door, slammed it shut, then asked Paul, "Do you have your keys?" DOH! He didn't have his and I left mine on the kitchen table! So we drove an hour each way with a sick puppy on our lap to pick up spare house keys from a friend. Thank God for spares. Love, Lady A

  4. No, but I locked myself in a garage once with my girls when they were little. We were able to get out, but couldn't get back in the house. This was way before cell phones, so I had to walk to my husband's work (basically a jail) and get him. That's always fun with two little girls. o_O


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