Thursday, February 5, 2009

Question of the Day #92

I have a confession to make. I am not inspired to score in the question zone today. I've got nothing. Nothing interesting is happening to reflect on. Nothing inspires analyzation. I am questionless.

So I'm going to dig deep into my bag of old standbys and pull out a simple, seemingly flat inquiry that somehow always blossoms into deep answers.

What's your favorite tree?

Sounds boring. But there are great answers. Like my friend, R, who long ago responded with a palm tree. Because after his parents got divorced and he and his mom moved into their new home, they planted a palm tree as a symbol of a fresh start.

Or my answer, which will always be the treehouse behind the house on Tanglewood Lane. Neighborhood boys had built it, and years later, abandoned it for girls and parties. I climbed it almost everyday with a Judy Blume novel tucked under my arm. I read "The Pigman" up there, "Are You There God It's Me Margaret" and "Bridge to Terebithia."

So...what's your favorite tree?



  1. Actually this isn't boring at all. I'm not a nature girl at all but as soon as I read this several types of trees sprang up in my mind. It's difficult to narrow down to just one. I love weeping willows. My dad had one in the front yard for many years until it got sick. When they're not trimmed they're so cool. It's like a little secret world under there. I think jacaranda trees are beautiful. I can't rank them as favorite though because they're so messy. I like seeing them from the car the best. I think oak trees are awesome. They're so old and wise looking. Palm trees are amazing. How can you feel sad looking at a palm tree? They're summer, warm weather, vacation and good times. The street street to the south of me has trees that canopy the street. I don't know what kind they are but I always envy the people on that block. They have some awesome shade here in the godforsaken heat of the Valley. I didn't realize I had so much to say about trees.

  2. I agree trees are awesome. I love walking through a pine forest. They grow so close together and yet are tall and strong. Feels like you're in a natural cathedral. There is the remains of an old once giant tree nearby in our woods. As the years go by it gets smaller as it slowly decays but it still tells anyone who takes the time to look just how magnificant it once was. (and what a hotel for so many little creatures!)

  3. Maple because it is my maiden name and also because the leaves are so pretty in the fall!

  4. Ooooh! evelyn's answer reminded me of redwood trees! How could I forget the redwoods? They're giant and amazing. You can even drive through one. I remember seeing a slice of one at the Natural History Museum in London. They're like tree celebrities.

  5. I love pine trees. Western Larches are cool because they're super tall and one of the few pines that has needles that turn yellow and fall off in the autumn.

  6. I don't have one specific tree. Rather any and all sugar maples! They are symbolic of my Canadian heritage, have the most lovely shape and fall colour -- and maple syrup (say no more)!

  7. Weeping Willow, mostly because of Patsy Cline's "Walking After Midnight"

    "I stopped to see a weeping willow
    Crying on his pillow maybe he's crying for me"

  8. Not stupid! Trees can be really symbolic. For instance, my favorite tree is eucalyptus, because to me, the sight and smell of it equal HOME.

  9. I love any tree that blooms flowery in the early spring - it's like an awakening from the sleepy winter, and it's the first reminder of spring & summer beauty. Plus it gets us all excited for the spring & summer ahead, giving us ALL spring fever! So when I say I'm moving to Cali or Hawaii, people always remind me that even though I swear I won't miss the change in seasons we have here in NJ, they are correct that this in fact is one thing I would miss. It's that change in perspective and the appreciation for beauty after a long, cold, dreary winter. And I'm counting down the minutes until then...

  10. Ah-ha! One of my favorite questions! Though my answer has changed. My new favorite is a Dogwood.
    Steve and I made the agonizing decision to leave our CA friends and embark on a crazy adventure back east. I say adventure because even though we are both from the east coast, neither of us knew anything about where we were moving. We ended up plopping ourselves in CT. Anyway, to make a long story, somewhat short, we moved in the middle of Jan, 2 1/2 months after our 1st child was born. Not so smart. We bought our 1st home and after many uncertain months, the ice melted and spring started to wake. We look out one day to find we had the most incredible Dogwood tree in our backyard. We had no idea the amazing beauty hidden under all that snow!
    While I miss LA, life in CT is wonderful. The Dogwood is a reminder sometimes taking a risk can bring about some unexpected and fantastic twist and turns in life.

  11. Would you ask a parent to name their favorite child? I can safely narrow it to 4: Bald Cypress, Crape Myrtle, Live Oak and Southern Magnolia in no preferential order.

  12. Hazel - I love the way coppiced hazel grows in tangled bundles. To me hazel-woods feel wonderfully intimate.


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